Got Your Eyes on a Vintage Car?

Check out our inventory of unique vehicles at our showroom

Take a trip down memory lane when you visit Eagle Auto Body of Orange County. Our showroom is home to vintage vehicles from yesteryear. View our latest projects or put your bid on a car that'll make your neighbors faint.

Our inventory of vintage vehicles is constantly changing. Stop by our showroom today to see what we have in stock.

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Store your treasured vehicle in a safe place

Your classic car is a valuable gem. Don't let the elements ruin its beauty. Keep it protected at a vehicle storage facility. Eagle Auto Body of Orange County has a designated space for classic and heirloom vehicles called Eclectic Cars. While your baby is in our hands, take advantage of our on-site care services, like:

  • Full-service body work
  • Minor mechanical repairs
  • Body, paint and trim work

Your car is in excellent hands at our storage facility. Call today to hear about our availability.